Field of Play

Sports in the Chattahoochee Valley
March 26, 2016- March 19, 2017
Legacy Gallery

  • Field of Play: Sports in the Chattahoochee Valley

  • Columbus High School girls basketball team
    Gift of the Family of Horace P. Edmond Jr.

  • Larry Mize receiving the Masters champion's green jacket from Jack Nicklaus
    Courtesy of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

  • Military baseball player
    "Big Sam" at Fort Benning
    Museum purchase made possible by the Evelyn S. and H. Wayne Patterson Fund

  • Alice Coachman
    First black woman to win an Olympic gold medal
    ca. 1946
    Courtesy of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Sports provide more than just recreation: they offer a source of community pride and cultural touchstones that connect fans across physical, generational, and socioeconomic lines. This exhibition will present highlights from Chattahoochee Valley sports history, including successful high-school, college, amateur and professional teams, and Olympic athletes who have lived in the area. It will explore the breadth and depth of sports history in the region, as well as the cultural relationships and community pride generated by team fans.

Sports to be featured include football, baseball and softball, basketball, golf, horse racing, and competitive air-rifle shooting. Artifacts and images from the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, local schools, and the Museum’s own collection will offer a new look at beloved moments and illuminate lesser-known stories of local sports venues and teams.

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