Current Exhibitions
  • Talk of the Town: Conversation Starters from the Collection


    Conversation has the capacity to connect strangers, to foster romance, and to prevent conflict. As the world grows smaller and we become more conscious of our place in a global...

    Opening June 29, 2019
    Woodruff Gallery
  • Pride of the Swift-Growing South: Tuskegee Institute Photography


    In 1881, Lewis Adams, a formerly enslaved man, and George W. Campbell, a former enslaver, founded a school to train African American teachers in Tuskegee, Alabama. Adams and Campbell hired...

    August 24, 2019 - March 22, 2020
    Yarbrough Gallery
  • The Doctor is In


    This exhibition is generously presented by Piedmont Columbus Regional....

    April 27, 2019 - June 2020  

    From folk remedies to digital technologies, the history of medicine is the story of people striving to give loved ones and neighbors effective remedies for illness without causing additional harm. This exhibition examines the history of healthcare in Columbus, from the first hospital known as the pest house, largely used as a quarantine facility, to more advanced city hospitals and the early 20th-century influx of African American medical professionals as civil rights leaders, to today’s multiple medical campuses and local specialties in sports medicine, women’s health, and cancer treatment. The roles of women as midwives, nurses, and doctors will also be given special attention.

  • linn meyers: gazing has its limits


      Based in Washington, D.C., linn meyers has been recognized internationally for her monumental images and contributions to the field of drawing. Following in the footsteps of institutions like the...

    Wall Drawing on View
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