Family Fall Festival 2014

Family Fall Festival 2014

Fall Festival is one of the biggest events for families every year at the Columbus Museum.  Each year the museum, with the help of a wonderful corps of volunteers, reaches over 1,000 families.  This event is open to the public for five hours but preparation begins several months in advance.  Each year we plan different art activities for families, license new films and cartoon shorts to be shown during the event, select books for gallery story times, send out volunteer requests, and coordinate with event partners such as Muscogee Moms and the Liberty Theatre.

Family Fall Festival

This year we were able to reach over 1035 people during the course of the event.  With a volunteer group of over 30 dedicated individuals the museum offered five art making stations, three games, a temporary tattoo station, four gallery story times, and two films.  Attendees could partake in a variety of activities ranging from creating their own still life in the Galleria to playing Pin the Nose on the Portrait outside the galleries.

Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival Family Fall Festival

Our annual costume contest was a tremendous success thanks to our guest judges from Muscogee Moms: Tiffany Watson and Stephanie Litz.  The participants in each contest were fantastic and it was a difficult decision to select a winner!  The age categories and costumes that won first prize were: 0-4: NASA Astronaut, 5-7: Marine, and 8-10: Candy Corn Princess.  Thank you again to Muscogee Moms for being our judges for the third consecutive year!

Family Fall FestivalFamily Fall FestivalFamily Fall FestivalFamily Fall Festival

This year we added a new partnership and made Fall Festival even bigger and better!  Working with Shae Anderson at the Liberty Theatre, we were able to bring the museum’s collection to life during our Trick or Treat in the Galleries.  The Liberty Theatre worked with the museum to select works from our collection, created reproduction costumes, and brought seven collections items to life.  During the event, children went on a scavenger hunt to find these live collections pieces and trick or treat for art supplies!  Participants left this scavenger hunt with watercolor sets, crayons, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, and glue sticks—we hope that the children who attended will have a great time using these art supplies at home!

Family Fall Festival

All photos taken by Inge Winter.  Keep an eye out for a full gallery of our Family Fall Festival 2014 that will be on Facebook!

Columbus Museum | Synovus Fall Festival Supply bags

A special thank you to our corporate partners, Synovus, for providing all of our Fall Fest supply bags for all of the kids to take home with them!

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