Live Video Coverage

During Jonathan VanDyke’s live performance, our Museum team worked closely at getting media and video coverage of the artist Jonathan VanDyke’s live performance and quilt change outs. Check out the videos below to see the coverage.

Day 1 (Thursday, April 5)

See the live footage of the first quilt changes of Jonathan VanDyke’s observance performance.

Additional Videos

DAY 2 (Friday, April 6)

Jonathan observes the quilt “Light and Shadow” and “Flower Garden Patchwork”

DAY 3 (Saturday,  April 7)

Quilt change from “Star of Bethlehem” to the “Flower Basket” quilt

Day 5 (Tuesday, April 10)

Jonathan’s live observance of quilts: “Kohala Beauty Pattern,” “Postage Stamp,”and “Flower Basket”

Day 6 (Wednesday, April 11)

Jonathan observes the “Double Irish” and “Lone Star” quilts

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