May the Fourth Be with You.

May the Fourth Be with You.

May 4th is a holiday created by Star Wars fans to celebrate the films series, books, and culture. The date was chosen for the easy pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you”—”May the fourth be with you.”  In honor of Star Wars day, our staff has taken Darth Vader on a tour through the Columbus Museum! Below we have captured him looking at pieces in the collection and taking inspiration from pieces to create his own “masterpieces.”

  • Vader Washington 2
    Vader tried to absorb some leadership skills from the portrait of George Washington by Rembrandt Peale.

  • Vader Troublemakers
    When asked to write down the name of a troublemaker from history, Lord Vader only had one response.

  • Vader Scramble Dog
    Despite his best efforts, Vader was unable to summon a scramble dog with the force while viewing A Moment in Dinglewood by Bo Bartlett.

  • Vader SchoolHouse
    After his tour, Darth Vader felt much more educated about American art and local history; however, his self-confidence level may have been a bit too high.

  • Vader Oscar
    Waiting patiently for the Millennium Falcon to come out.

  • Vader Nevelson 2
    The Dark Lord of the Sith appreciated the color palette Louise Nevelson chose for her piece, Silence-Music 1.

  • Vader Motherwell
    The FORCEful brushstrokes in Robert Motherwell’s Massive Image really spoke to Vader.

  • Vader Homecoming
    Vader was impressed by the scale of Bo Bartlett’s contemporary realist painting, Homecoming. A little wary of the large fire, however.

  • Vader Fifers
    Thinking about the importance of father and son relationships while checking out The Earnest Pupil by Eastman Johnson.

  • Vader Dresses
    Might be time to change up the Storm Troopers uniforms…

  • Vader Davis
    Vader was fascinated to learn about how Stuart Davis took inspiration from jazz music to create works like Shapes Of Landscape Space #3, although he prefers a John Williams score himself.

  • Vader Architect
    Inspired by the female architects in the Troublemakers and Trailblazers exhibit, Vader decided to spend some time in the studio reworking his Death Star plans.

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