New Year, New Technologies

New Year, New Technologies

It doesn’t take too long after entering the Columbus Museum to notice some of the major changes we have been making throughout our premises!

If you’ve spent any time around the Columbus Museum lately, or even just passed by, you’ve probably noticed if not many, at least one of the new technologies throughout our exhibits and galleries!



Piper Web Icon Badge

Our smartphones are changing. They’re getting better with new and innovative ways to connect, share, and even pay. They’re also changing the way we think about what it means to be right here, right now.

Through Piper beacons we can send messages and share information with people when they’re within range of a beacon. Photos, videos, tweets, posts, notifications, and special offers are some of the messages that we can send with our Piper beacon.

How can you get on board!? It’s simple! Just download the FREE Piper app to your phone, create an account, or login anonymously, and that’s it! You’ll instantly start receiving notifications on your phone through Piper about special events, deals, and exhibits from the Columbus Museum when you are here or passing by. Download it today and stay tuned for some exciting new features with the app!




Transformations is the family interactive gallery at the Columbus Museum. All activities in Transformations are FREE!

Talking Objects allows visitors to interact with the collection in an entirely new way!  Eight items from the museum’s collection are displayed in the cabinet and visitors are prompted by a touch screen to select an object.  The station then asks yes or no questions about your selected artifact.  After you answer the questions, the station guesses which item you have selected and if it guessed correctly, the object will speak to you and tell you more about itself!

Stop motion animation gives visitors the opportunity to create their own movies!  First, select a background, then add to your scene with props including images of people, animals, and objects taken from the Museum’s Permanent Collection.  Press the “Record” button to take a photo, then rearrange your scene and continue taking photos until your film is complete.  Press the “Play” button to see your story unfold on the screen!




“See and interact with the world in a new way.”

Aurasma is the augmented reality app that is currently being used in Memory’s Cabinets, Troublemakers and Trailblazers, and the upcoming Teen Advisory Group scavenger hunt.  With Aurasma, every image, object and even place can have its own “Aura”, which is the term for an augmented reality experience!  Through these Auras, our exhibits have come to life with videos!  Simply use the free Aurasma mobile app to unlock Auras and share the experience with friends.

How to use Aurasma:

1. Download the Aurasma Lite app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices from the Apps or Play Store.

2. After downloading the Aurasma App, search for and follow the Columbus Museum’s Aurasma channel (columbusmusuem).

3. When you see the Aurasma logo, point your device at the related image and watch the images come to life with video or other content.

4. Interact with the content by tapping the screen or buttons.


  1. Valentina December 21, 2015 at 9:26 am

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