Word Game (Ages 8-10)


Drawing: to make a picture using a pen or pencil
Painting: to make a work of art using paint
Sculpture: a work of art that you can walk all the way around and see from all sides
Portrait: a painting, sculpture, drawing, or other representation of a specific, recognizable person
Genre: A picture of everyday life
Still life: a picture consisting predominately of a grouping of inanimate objects such as fruit or flowers
Landscape: a painting or drawing of natural subjects such as mountains, trees and sky
Seascape: a painting or drawing in which there is a lake or ocean
Museum: a place where special objects are cared for and displayed
Gallery: a room inside a museum in which art is displayed
Abstraction: the imagery in the work of art may not look like it represents anything from the real world
Primary Colors: red, yellow, blue
Secondary Colors: colors made when mixing two primary colors together. Such as Yellow+Blue= Green; Blue+Red=Purple; Red+Yellow=Orange
Shape: is an enclosed space defined and determined by other elements such as line, color, and texture.
Line: refers to the continuous mark made on a surface by a moving point.
Texture: is the surface quality or “feel” of an object, and can be smooth, rough, hard, soft, bumpy or sticky.
Palette: thin oval board with a thumb hole that a painter holds and mixes colors on to make art.

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