The Museum’s Young Art Patrons Light up the Garden

The Museum’s Young Art Patrons Light up the Garden

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The Museum’s Young Art Patrons Light up the Garden

The Young Art Patrons (YAPs) successfully completed Museum’s first crowdfunding effort, Light up the Garden, this summer, raising more than
$ 10,000 to help the Museum install landscape lighting in the Bradley Olmsted Garden. The YAPs, led by campaign chair, Willette Shalishali and the sponsorship committee: Lacey Morrison, Shaun O’Hara, and Whitney O’Hara spearheaded this effort in order to expand the Museum’s ability to host events in the Garden within a safe environment. The campaign kicked off at the In the Garden Concert Series Concert, June 4.

We are grateful to the community for helping us exceed our goal. In celebration of the campaign’s success, we invite you to thank our donors and enjoy live music, wine tastings, and food in the Bradley Olmsted Garden, October 1.

Purchase your tickets today for the Young Art Patrons’ Garden Concert Series!

Thank you to our generous Light up the Garden Campaign Donors.
We raised more than $10,000!

Amanda K. Anderson, Champ L. Baker III, Elizabeth K. Barker, Catherine Z. Bickerstaff, Joseph Brannan, William Brannan Sr., William A. Buchanan, Mark Bullock, Blair Carnahan, Lori Cavis, William W. Cliatt, Randall E. Craven, Jason Todd Davis, Bradford Dixon, Chasity Ducksworth, Rita Ellis, Elizabeth Flowers, Lavonda Forbes, Christy Foster, Justin Lee Fussell, Heather H. Garrett, Nathan Geer, Chris Henson, Randall T. Hitz, Sarah Hobbs, Robert C. Holk Jr., Kirsten Jenkins, Helen Johnson, Maria Kent, Lori M. Leonardo, Toni Losonsky, Susan Manley, Elaine P. Mann, Troy Mann, Jim Martin, Everett Maxey, Tamika McKenzie, Thomas McKnight, Amber McLean, Venus M. McWilliams, Richard J. Miller, Amber Mordic, James A. Morrill, Lacey Morrison, Laura Murray, Melissa Murray, Yvonne Naman, Allison Nelson, Linda Nguyen, Lynn Norris, Carolynn Obleton, Shaun O’Hara, Marleen De Bode Olivié, Garrett A. Parker, Meredith Peasant, Pete Pease, Brantley Pittman, Faith Pohl, Dorothy Pope, Mark D Porter, Chandler Riley, Patsy M. Roberts, Chandler Rohwedder, William and Rosina Roundtree M.D. P.C., Ralph G. Schmitt, Heath Schondelmayer, Erin Scott, Steve Sharp, John Shinkle, Cathryn Smitherman, Berkley D. Tante, Carson W. Tate, Steven Tondee, Tyler A. Townsend, Emily Trotter, Mary Varner, John W. Walden III, Melinda Ward, Katie White, Erin Widick, Chandler Wilkes, Brenda Williams, Mariel Elynn Williams, Robert D. Wilson, Kimberly Worstell, Becky Yarbrough, Joseph A. Young.

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